What Is Suffering

I’m Canadian, caucasian and English…

I probably have the best opportunities [If not then guaranteed in top 10% of the best in the world] for getting shelter, an education, and a job. I have access to health care if I was dying or social benefits if I was handicapped or broke.

I would be more-or-less protected by my local non-corrupt police force if I was in danger of being raped, murdered or extradited. My Government is more-or-less, protecting my best interests ensuring that I have all of these things that keep me happy, day-in/ day-out, as long as I don’t break the laws or stop paying my taxes- of course.

My parents raised me in their home until I could go to school; took about 6 years, that’s where they taught me the basics of being a human-being just like every other parent does. Then, I went to school for an additional 12 consecutive years to learn how to function within our complex society, and that’s where I gained the preliminary tools required to battle the adult world. 18 years is a long-time… especially in a war-torn country.

I’m so lucky, in fact that my life is pretty dang stressfree right now. It has been painless compared to billions of people out there who have been living through a god-damned nightmare all of this time.

I’m probably the last guy you’d probably want to be reading this kind of material from, Eh?

But, you’re wrong. I’m the best kind of guy to share some knowledge up in here. I’ve had 26 solid years to think and work out a action-plan.

So you best be taking notes!

So, I’m thinking what does it really mean to Suffer?

I have to really, really think about that one. My mind starts to think but I can’t stop it from chirping-

There’s so much war, genocide, disease and corruption….Wait…
Have I ever actually ever suffered? Have I had such a sheltered life in this beautiful, wealthy and democratic country that I can’t actually relate to the majority of human beings anymore? What do I know about being starving, or being cold or sick? Who am I to complain?

The funny thing is that we are all the same. Every single one of us feels and wants the same things. We are just sad, happy, and angry… What differentiates us is only our external properties.. Like our nations, our voices, and our possessions.

With that being said- if you took away our nations, our voices, and our possessions we’d still be alive and well- but human nature is to be fearful of others so we stick to our ‘contemporary tribes.’ Humans have this natural desire to socialize all the time but something tells us who to be around, and who to avoid.

Our society’s mouth, namely the media (and our addiction to the media) is to blame for this widespread Xenophobic/Prejudiced mentality.

Whatever, I’m not trying to say our society is fucked up but it’s obviously not perfect and needs to be reformed.

You were chosen to be part of a wealthy nation in order to help the less-fortunate than you; And I mean WAY LESS fortunate. In succeeding you will have transformed the world into a better place with your ideas and your creations. You will use your free time to better yourself, and those around you. People in poor countries don’t have free time.

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