Virtual Distractions

I’ve been reading a lot about human psychology and more specifically, procrastination. I’m fascinated by how our brains work and how we collaborate like no other species on Earth. By no means am I an expert on the topic but I feel drawn in to write about it.

About six months ago, when I turned twenty-six, I started to really think about what I’m doing with my life. I made the decision to work towards being a professional writer above everything else.

As I write this I still don’t know exactly what kind of writer I want to be, but unlike before, the goal is definitely there.

Professionally, I work 8-4 in a security office. I’m a Customer Service Agent and Human Resources Assistant. It pays the bills. I’ve worked in many different industries over the last decade trying to find the best avenue for all my skills. I do love dealing with people and I’m very comfortable on the computer and the telephone.

In order to start my new writing life rolling, I had to make some changes in my lifestyle first. I realized that I had so many different accounts online to express myself but what they were doing was preventing me from being able to directly head towards my goal.

Each account was for a different kind of expression and I didn’t like that. I was all over the place; had a little bit here, little bit there. The ultimate distraction that social media causes someone is only really felt after you’ve gotten out of the storm.

For a while it wasn’t that bad, but everything eventually turned into a big disaster. I was concentrating on way too many things at once. I deleted a lot of social media accounts—like Twitter and Facebook—and I created my own website on WordPress. I deleted the blogs on Tumblr I had and took down all the Youtube videos I had posted.

The only account I have left is my Instagram and now the two websites I now manage. I’ve already published about twenty articles(meticulously researched and edited) about societal issues on my other website, but now it’s terribly difficult for me to actually write stuff down.

This website here is in order for me to get all my remaining thoughts out. I’ve never been diagnosed with OCD, but sometimes I act like I have some sort of compulsive disorder. I concentrate a lot of aesthetics and symmetry way too much.

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