Three Little Magpies

I have been really slacking with my writing lately but that’s totally fine. My roommate found out about this website through a user she follows on Instagram. We have been using them for a couple of weeks now. They deliver pot and THC infused goodies straight to our mailbox. Not having to deal with local drug dealers anymore is so great. It’s always been a headache trying to get a hold of someone but now it’s a really easy process to get high.

We just go to the website, make our order, pay through etransfer and it’s here in a couple days. If you live inside of Canada, I totally recommend trying them for yourself. They don’t ask for any identification and it usually takes two business days for you to get your order in. If you don’t live in Canada though, I seriously have no idea if they’ll ship to you but they have free shipping for orders above $200—so it’s definitely worth a try.

I don’t know the actual legalities regarding this either… I’m assuming it’s totally fine that we’re doing it and I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to go to jail over it. Weed is still totally illegal in Canada—at least until 420(April 20, 2017)—so we are not going to get our hopes up too much about it. We’re happy for right now but until the laws really change, we are still going to be considered to be criminals for the time being.

So I think it’s needless to say now—we have both been taking advantage of this excellent service and we have both been getting royally high lately. I’ve always smoked a lot of weed, maybe a couple grams a day. Now I’m smoking double that. It’s been nice to be able to have a choice of what we want to buy. I think that’s what makes it so special to us.

It’s a level of service that potheads like us haven’t been able to enjoy before. I’ve never been to Amsterdam or anything, so this is just mind-boggling. We’ve been ordering in different kinds of indicas and sativas, gummies, chocolate bars, mists and sprays. My favorite has just been the traditional buds—nothing can beat smoking a really fat joint that’s rolled up with weed you got delivered.

Considering all of that, I’ve been looking in the weirdest places for inspiration. I’m watching a lot of Broad City and playing GTA more than usual. Really anything which gets my mind off of my writing is good enough. I have been reading a lot too, way more than I usually do. I like absorbing lots of information.

I’m trying to put random pieces together in my mind but I haven’t been doing much else with my time. I feel kinda guilty because whenever I’m not actually typing or scribbling something down—I feel like I’m wasting my precious time.

I guess you could call this a mini-vacation because I’m still coming into work for 40 hours in the week so I can get paid, but I’m not really working towards my dream in my free time as much as before. Most people call this relaxing or chillin’ but to me—it’s wasting time. I do really need this downtime though. When I get too involved with my writing, I disconnect from everything else in my life. I really have to learn how to juggle all my hobbies at once.

What sparked me writing this blog happened to me this morning. I was on my way to work and right before I got to the train station, there were these three magpies on the sidewalk in front of me. Usually this wouldn’t be anything exceptional but today it was amusing for two reasons… First was because it was 0630am, so I was already pretty zoned out. Secondly, I was really, really stoned. Keep in mind, it’s normal and routine for me to wake and bake once I get up, so usually by the time I get to my workplace—I’m completely sober again. During the short fifteen minute walk though—I’m totally fucking stoned. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen magpies or anything. No no…

They’re literally everywhere in the city—along with all the crows, ravens and seagulls—but these three seemed like they had already been huddled up in this small bush for a while before I got there. They really stood out to me for some odd reason. I thought maybe they were about to attack me but the more closely I observed them, the less I was afraid of them. I was obviously intruding on their space. They really stared me down. They squawked in my direction. As I walked closer and closer to them—my pace didn’t change at all—they jumped off of the sidewalk and got onto the pavement but they didn’t flee. They kept their prying eyes right on me as I passed by them.

They bravely kept their ground. I’ll give them that. When I was totally past them, in the corner of my eye, I could see them rushing back towards the sidewalk. Good for them. They probably had their dinner or their eggs in that bush… who knows.

This story reminds me of one of the first times I ever did shrooms while I was living in Victoria, BC…

I lived really close to the ocean, probably about 100ft away. It was really early in the morning and my friend, Rob, and I had stayed up all night long. We were looking out the window and we saw a small seagull land in the middle of the parking lot in front of us. We felt bad for the little guy, so we tossed a little bit of bread out the window, trying to get his attention. In the course of a few minutes we threw out handfuls of this bread, about half of the whole loaf. A dozen or so tiny seagulls swooped in and started to gather around the crumbs but none started to eat… Rob was tripping balls and so was I at this point. We were both really confused why they weren’t filling up their bellies.  What were they all waiting for? In unison, they started to squawk straight up towards the sky. Then suddenly we realized what they were all doing… Out of nowhere this huge seagull—had to be at least twice the size of any other there—came in and landed itself in the middle of all the commotion. When the largest seagull started to eat, then all of the other birds started to eat too.

I guess the moral of this blog is that animals may live among us as our advanced lifestyles change every single day but their lives don’t change like ours do. They are still as primitive as they ever were and they rely on the most basic forms of communication to get things done. Take some time to watch nature whenever you have the time… You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how connected and smart they are. Tune out of your busy life, even if just for a minute, so you can suck up as much unfiltered inspiration as you can… While you can.

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