Thinking Realistically

Bringing my self back down to Earth so that I can realistically complete projects. Sounds like a common sense but physically acting on it is starting to wear me down. Not many people can imagine being up in the clouds, looking down at everyone and what they’re doing, but that’s what I do all the time. Constantly up there, wondering what I can do to help things down here. Not in a religious way, just in a philosophical way.

When I look around at the people who are down here, I try to go back. I try to get back to where my thoughts aren’t tainted, where my ideas aren’t crazy. When I’m up there I feel like I’m with people who understand me and want what I want. It’s really hard to find people like that regardless of which group you’re in. This is a small world, but there are billions of people, constantly trying to succeed and not slowing down for anyone.

I’m not slowing down. Not by any means. I actually feel as if I’m getting faster. As I’ve become an adult, my thoughts are more quality thoughts instead of just a million random thoughts. Before, I had to write down all of my ideas before I forgot them and then I’d go back to them when I was in that head-space again. That left me with literally thousands of unused stories or ideas which, I guess, are still there waiting for me to get back to them. And one day I will, but like I said I have more quality ideas coming to me now instead of just quantity.

I’m more streamlined in my mission. No longer will I allow these loose memories to hold me back from exploring new ones. I can’t allow reality to pass me by. I can’t allow myself to get lost in my own web of thoughts. I can’t fail. I just can’t.

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