The Darkness

If you feel lost in this world, only you will pull yourself out of the darkness.

I say this, in this particular way because the darkness I’m referring to is somewhere that we will all come to know one day in our lives—depression. It occupies a very tiny physical space inside our brains but its very presence will eventually overwhelm a seemingly large, healthy consciousness and try to lock us in our own prisons of our own past, our own memories, our own selves—if we don’t get help.

Your cave may be dormant now but I promise you, it’s in there, just waiting to be explored. We lose touch with the collective reality periodically and when that happens we become phantoms on the outside (non-depressed) world which we all wake up to everyday. This is when we are truly at our lowest point. When we purposely stay floating in the shade—without wanting to be seen, heard or loved by anyone.

When we aren’t being understood. We consider ourselves worthless. We feel like we’re totally alone. Our ghostly presence on this Earth diverts the attention of the virgin-minded onlookers not towards a solution for our collective issues that we’ll all equally share but instead in the direction of the troubled individual them self. These specters are thought to be evil: Like a vast cancer causing our delusional society.

But the darkness is always there as a safe-space whenever we feel afraid, confused or mad about our own individual situations. It’s where we beat our selves up with our own words. Whenever we cut people out on the basis that they don’t care for us or that they won’t help us anyway—we are just falling deeper and deeper into our personal abyss without trying to reach out to grab something.

There are infinite reasons why people get lost in this corrupt, unequal world but we all have the primitive desire to be free from our collective chains. We all want that freedom from our hive and the freedom to think and do for ourselves but remember, without the help of a hive, we disappear into the darkness forever.

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