Still Feeling Good

I’m still on track since my last post, but I’m like a metaphorical train on rails—I’m on my way and I’m going in the right direction, but its a little bit out of my way…  Just like when you take the real train somewhere, you don’t end up at your destination! You’re just end up at the train station. Then you’ve got to make another short journey and then you’re done. Then you can rest.

I feel like I’m on a hill—maybe I’m climbing a mountain pass. Whatever is going on metaphorically I feel like I need to rest soon. Like I need a vacation. Badly. Which is kind of weird because I’ve had time off this year already so I don’t know… Maybe its just my brain that is actually tired. Or the other way around, like OK—my body is tired but my brain is good to go? I can’t decide. Either one fits the bill. I guess.

I’ve been spending a lot of time this week formatting and editing this blog—actually the whole layout of this website. Staring at a screen tirelessly for sixteen hours a day. Well, I gotta get stuff done! While I’m young and still able to do it!

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