Religion Or Law

Sometimes, I sit down to really think about faith and I tremble and mentally fall a part. It’s really hard for me to understand it. I don’t only think about my own personal beliefs so-much either, I think mostly about the global ramifications of having religion as the basis of our modern societies. It’s hard for me to believe in anything since I haven’t for so long. However, I know that religion is an important thing which billions of people participate—so as much as I may not like or understand it—I know that it exists and with how things are going it isn’t going away anytime soon either.

Instead of constantly trying to decipher the underlying reasoning of religion itself, I choose to submerge my mind in dogma and hope that I’ll find exactly what’s missing. I know that I’m looking for something when I turn to scriptures. I must be searching for something that I’ll believe in. As a child of science though, understanding what faith and belief is—is much more difficult than anything else.

If you were raised to believe in the universe, the big bang and evolution—then how can you even possibly begin to believe in God, creationism and superstition? And vice-versa. How can people ever get along in groups if we continuously segregate ourselves from each other? How can the God-theory disprove scientific discovery and how can science ever disprove God? Can it? No, they can’t—ever—that’s the problem. The Earth is then seemingly destined to be inhabited by emotional zealots forever, half of them driven by holy faith and the other by physical evidence.

What caused this devotion to ancient doctrines?

Human beings, which shouldn’t be taken lightly, people just like you, lived for thousands of years without any kind of electricity. Can you imagine it? In relation to how dependent we are now on information, support and assurance—how did those people even do it? How could they go such a long time, what kept them together? How has our species managed to survive for so long? It was faith that kept them alive. The belief that there was a purpose in the world. A sign that they weren’t alone. A vision that they’ll end up somewhere better than here—eventually.

Religion has done many things for humanity. For example, it became the universal bondage which kept humans going forward. Without the church, mosque, or temple, and the community which came a long with it, individuals were left to their own tortured thoughts. Our bodies were our cages and our religions were our prisons.


“Religious law refers to ethical and moral codes taught by religious traditions. Examples include Christian canon law, Islamic sharia, Jewish halakha, and Hindu law.

The two most prominent systems, canon law and sharia, differ from other religious laws in that: canon law is the codification of Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox law as in civil law, while sharia law derives many of its laws from juristic precedent and reasoning by analogy (as in a common law tradition).” – Wikipedia

Really read this quote by Malcolm X:

“One of the reasons I feel that it is best to remain very informal when discussing this type of topic, when people are discussing things based on race, they have a tendency to be very narrow-minded and to get emotional and all involved in, especially white people. I have found white people that usually are very intelligent, until you get them to talking about the race problem. Then they get blind as a bat and want you to see what they know is the exact opposite of the truth.

So what I would rather we try and do is be very informal, where we can relax and keep an open mind, and try and form the pattern or the habit of seeing for ourselves, hearing for ourselves, thinking for ourselves, and then we can come to an intelligent judgment for ourselves.

To straighten out my own position, as I did earlier in the day at Colgate, I’m a Muslim, which only means that my religion is Islam. I believe in God, the Supreme Being, the creator of the universe. This is a very simple form of religion, easy to understand. I believe in one God. It’s just a whole lot better. But I believe in one God, and I believe that that God had one religion, has one religion, always will have one religion. And that that God taught all of the prophets the same religion, so there is no argument about who was greater or who was better: Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, or some of the others. All of them were prophets who came from one God. They had one doctrine, and that doctrine was designed to give clarification of humanity, so that all of humanity would see that it was one and have some kind of brotherhood that would be practiced here on this earth. I believe in that.”

Dec 2015: Religion has been dividing human society for 2,000 years, say scientists

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