I have started recording myself talking and uploading them to YouTube for everyone to hear. I do want to make a new one every week or so, and eventually, I’ll start getting some friends and guests on as well to spice up the listening experience a bit. If you are interested, there are many serious videos and silly vlogs to watch on my YouTube channel.  🙂

Number 4–I just had to make a follow up to my last video because I felt like I got a little bit too emotional and I left everyone hanging. This addition hopefully communicates my position a little bit better when speaking critically about rich kids in society, capitalism and socialism.

Number 3–I turned 28 this week! This is the first +30 minute video (no more seperate parts) I talk like an emotional socialist, being pretty critical about economics and politics and rich kids, having writer’s block, considering if liberals and conservatives should talk to each other, not taking risks, democracy is falling apart around us and concentrating on our individualism…

Number 2–This week I talk about trying to keep up with everything, the difference between living and running around all the time, procrastinating, talking about Waitbutwhy.com, Russel Brand and Joe Rogan, giving yourself time to do nothing, and how to make being paranoid good for you when you smoke weed…

Number 1–This is my first podcast! I speak about what it’s like having lots of friends on the Internet, getting too close to strangers, asking a New Yorker some personal questions, speaking about Americans and trying not to trust the media so much…

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