People Have To Take Back Control

I’m just a regular person like you and us regular people — we together— we rule the entire world even if they have the control over it all, we keep everything going. 

Without us everything, would simply cease to exist and that’s why it’s so important for us regular people to know where our people has been, with history, and more importantly, where we’re all headed.

I don’t think that’s an outrageous hope to have for our future civilization — to try and understand what’s really happening, and to beg everybody to find out for themselves what is really happening in the world.

I just want what’s best for civil society and I don’t know anywhere else I can express this kind of radical thought without looking like a total lunatic doing it — so I’ll do it here.

If any one tries to speak-out individually about the obvious biased dysfunctionality that’s within Western society, that person is automatically known as an untrustworthy source. Without following the established thought is considered to be too extreme against dogmatic ideas and possibly seem to be too suspicious to the public.

That’s not right because democracy is supposed founded on debate

I’m limited by my national inheritance, my freedoms. My citizenship has given me this epic responsibility to criticize peacefully all that is disturbing and unjust. And even though this writing that I show you here is literally floating in some kind of virtual space—in a cloud of some sort—it’s being possibly seen anywhere on this planet, by anyone, under any kind of jurisdiction.

I know that I’m only entitled to write about that which I’m already aloud to talk about here in the public realm. That means that unless I’d like to end up in jail or become a voluntary victim of my own online rhetoric, I must keep completely Politically Correct (PC) about what I suggest in my blogs and articles.

Things change so quickly and complexity did kill the curious cat

I do not draw any distinctions that are based on pettiness such as class, race, religion, gender or sexuality. It’s a waste of time to concentrate on those things. I’m a humanist who believes in the prosperity of humanity above all else but I’m also terrified of us too, so it’s complicated. I’m also a socialist who wants to have equality for all people. Many of us are lost and so under appreciated in a system which is supposed to reward us with eternal liberty, fraternity and equality.

Are things really as they seem seem to be

We all know and accept that we live in a farce democracy. We almost seem to enjoy living like this… We all know that financial inequality is a direct by-product of our so-called “egalitarian society.” Yet we still continue on, day-by-day, with all the hypocrisy and greed like it will somehow eventually protect us individually in the end.

What does that really say about us? Only a few people hold the majority of shares in popular global commerce that dominates our whole economic society and those few wealthy individuals have contributed astronomical amounts of money to keep their organization so strong and magically healthy among their other economic rivals. The playing field is set now.

The world is a board game of phantom-like companies. How can any of us say that our capitalist system of greedy, profit-driven conglomerate entities are truthful in anyway, and that what they do is fair, in anyway, in the twenty-first century?

Why do we succumb to the tyranny of the elites

Regular people—like me and you—are denounced if we become enlightened in anyway. Which leads most of us to be in a constant state of fear and resentment towards our democratically elected elites, who themselves take advantage of the system in ways that regular people couldn’t even imagine. Sanity, then, is so hard to come by in our time. I’m intelligible enough however—like most people are out there—to recognize the true selfish corporate prerogative and to keep my mouth shut about it, for now at least, out of fear of becoming a conspiracy theorist.

I hope you find your own facts. They’re all out there for you. Optimize your web searches. Look for something that’s new and that interests you. In our society, our parents have the burden of raising and educating us and then we’re expected to look after ourselves after that. The state only sluggishly taught us how to be an adult. You’re now left on your own to figure the rest out.

We’re just consumer and worker statistics in the eyes of our government. Democracy and capitalism has its own flaws just like everything else does. Nothing’s perfect. When people are able to look past the events which are happening for just one moment, they’re then able to criticize the functioning in which our civilizations operate… That’s how real change comes about, with intellectual and voluntary commitment to a cause. We accept being privately oppressed by our employers and we accept not having a legitimate voice in the political spectrum.

Our function in representative democracy has passed us all by. We’re just S.I.N. numbers in between the election campaigns and we’re not really listened to the rest of the time. We’re only functional as people with power a couple times every decade. We need a brand new and better way to interact with each other. We need to adjust with the changing times more fluidly, with more transparency and a more fair distribution of all essential goods and services.

Currently we all act as if economic crisis are uncommon or rare, when in reality they’re common—happening virtually every few years. We act as if our lavish lifestyles in the West aren’t the reason there are so many poverty stricken nations that are a part of the “third world.”

And we asl why we are the subjects to the extreme acts of terrorism and destruction … ?

With this website, I hope that I can demonstrate to other progressively thinking individuals out there that they are not alone in their efforts. Do what I’m doing: actively research anything which does not make sense to you.

You’ll find your own answers.

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