Nothing Is Permanent

The older that I get—I’m 27 now—the more that I realize that everything is temporary on this Earth. I need to write about this because it is just drilling a hole in my mind, preventing me from doing anything else. So, I’m just going to get this out as painlessly as I can.

Our friends, material objects, family members, pets, relationships, jobs, homes, account balances: Everything is temporary. I may sound like a Buddhist right now and that’s probably because I am… But this post is not going to be about spirituality or me trying to push my Buddhism on you, or maybe it is…? I don’t know…

Anyway, whatever it is that you have now—doesn’t matter what it is—eventually you’re going to lose it. I guarantee it. You had better get ready for that to happen now—so when it does eventually happen to you—you won’t be totally crushed.

When we are kids we’re taught to cherish everything that we’re given and not to take advantage of it. We’re taught that things are ours—because we mentally own them—so we have to take care of them. Our childish mind thinks that we will have these things for the rest of our lives.

I digress: If you are very, very lucky (financially); you may have something until you die but even then someone else will just inherit whatever you had and then they’ll eventually lose it. But most of us however, are not going to be so lucky.

Usually what happens though, is that we will just straight-up lose it within our lifetime and we will have to just move on from that loss. This is just a basic part of life. This is something that Buddhism teaches thoroughly: Everything is temporary and coming to acceptance of that will help us not suffer so much—since all of us are suffering at all times.

I decided to write about this topic because of what’s been happening to me lately. This has been a very enlightening year for me… I have never been so heart broken and lonely as I am right now but I’m not falling a part or depressed. I’ve grown up and I know that dwelling over my losses will not make anything better. I just have to buck-up—like everyone else—and take these hits.

I have to keep on living and I can’t let other people discourage me from my goals.

Having something once and then losing it does suck… Don’t get me wrong: In my head I can’t stop thinking about what I did wrong or what exactly caused this… But there’s no point. I have to keep reminding my self that people drift a part, things break and bosses get angry. There’s no need for me to keep on wasting my time trying to turn back time to go back to what I had and there’s no need to understand why these things are happening.

I have always been a believer that things happen for a reason. The universe will always keep opening new doors for me as long as I keep going forward. If I try to go backwards—just like in a video game—I will hit a block eventually.

Sometimes we don’t know where we’re going but we just keep on doing different things and somehow we will just fall into the right place. Into another temporary place but still—another place. That’s what our temporary existence is all about: Doing different things; meeting different people; living in different places.

Our journey on Earth is not about keeping things—whoever started teaching that was wrong—it’s about sharing things.

Just let whatever wants to go—go. Don’t force anything to stay. Let the transition happen. See the benefits of the change. I promise, you’ll be healthier that way.

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