Mentality Of Society

I was recently told that since I make less of an income than some construction workers in town- that I actually contribute to society less than they do. In my head I thought: No… they contribute to the economy (a defunct economy) more than I do… But I wouldn’t admit that they contribute to society more than me. I strongly disagree with that.

Let’s tell Ghandi that these construction workers are actually helping our Human society, Let’s see what he has to say about that.

I have noticed in the last ten years a major spike in the prices of the goods in this area.
I have noticed that blue collar jobs have doubled in pay- from about $15 to $30 in the last ten years, but in the white collar sector the pay has been basically frozen. Except for the natural raise of the minimum wage, which has gone from $7 to $10.50. Rent has skyrocketed in cities- 1bdr suites that were $600-$700 ten years ago, now you can’t even find a bachelor for less than a grand. Buying a home or Condo is even crazier- the prices which were around $100k ten years ago are well into the $300k-$400k. Cigarettes have gone from about $7/pck to $13/pck, even the cheapest brands are over $12/pck now, and the expensive brands like DuMaurier are over $16/pk.

It seems like the cost of living, like buying a home or renting an apartment have doubled along with the wages for the Blue collar workers.

But I live in the Capital city of this Province, and there are a lot of office towers full of white collar workers, What about them? Why have the city folk of this province been left out? We still have to pay rent, we still have to buy things, but we cannot afford what the blue collars can.

We are less than middle class… We are the lower-middle class. Blue collars are the middle class. But if the whole country has all its prices raised, how is anyone supposed to afford any of it?

Why have the regular people been left in the dirt? While the one’s who are directly contributing to the infrastructure of the economy, that we are all participating in are getting the benefits?

There is a 30 story condo tower under construction right across from my office. I have watched it jack up from the ground like a phoenix of gray concrete and steel. My co-workers and I will watch the workers as they precariously hang near the ledge or stand underneath the crane as its lowering parts. It looks dangerous.
Also, 2 30 story condo towers are under construction across the street from my apartment. From 18 stories up I have an excellent view of the interior and have been blown away by the progress of building one of these structures. Same thing here, the workers look like they are risking their lives on those sites.
There are 2 four-story walk ups in the same development which were completed about 2 years ago. My roommate works for the management company which will manage the 2 towers when they are complete. Currently, they can’t even fill the suites of the walk ups, 300 Adult only suites. Now, when the construction is finished, they are really worried (already) that they wont be able to fill the towers.

A city like Edmonton is known as a Living Boom-town. A good place to find a job.
You can find a job easily, when the cost of oil is Above $75/b.
If it’s any lower, like right now at $30/b- you won’t even find a job at Mcdonalds.

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