Media Or Blogs

The responsibility of the media in our society is insurmountable but the differences between a professional journalist and an amateur blogger is very slim.

This blog post is what kicked this off

What ever happened to the free press. Professionals write ~3,000 word essays in a very short amount of time. The topic they write about was given to them by their boss and that boss got the topic from the board of directors—who got their instructions from the shareholders and the CEO.

What I’m trying to say is that professionals may be passionate about the topic they’re writing about but you cannot be sure.

What you end up reading may just be regurgitated crap since that writer had no personal interest in writing that article.

All media is regurgitated crap but only the most passionate writers who are in control of their own work are the one’s who create the most powerful articles.

Blogs and online investigative journals are usually run by one person and usually that one person does all the work to single-handedly produce truthful evidence to spark public debate or reform.

Blogs may take months to write and even after they’re published they continue to be updated and revised.

If a blog is false or hurtful it will be taken down because the comments will show it’s fake or it’ll be scrutinized by the media itself.

The same thing holds true with professional journalists but with one major difference.

Lobbying groups and lawyers protect the interests of the publication for the simple reason that they get paid to protect them.

The corporate media presents facts but they don’t really discuss all of them in a fair and democratic manner.

They show you a study but then they blatantly ignore the red flags of that study just so that they can keep the public audience more calm and concentrated on more profitable issues.

People and corporations both have the right to disperse their own point of view but only corporations get away with false advertising and creating destructive propaganda.

If a person were to falsely advertise or create destructive propaganda they’d be quickly prosecuted and silenced since people don’t usually have the finances to face multi-million dollar lawsuits.

Corporations always quickly pay off these lawsuits—these “fiscal barriers”—then get a new CEO or they publicly apologize.

They always find a way to continue on with whatever they were doing before.

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