Getting Back On Track

I’ve felt myself losing inspiration again and thought that writing my feelings out might help me feel better. This week has been pretty tough but nothing I can’t handle. I’ve noticed that so many people are in worse situations than I am, yet I feel like I’ve hit the bottom. I guess that’s a subjective feeling because I cannot really relate with people who are in serious trouble.

While I concentrate on writing, I feel like my mind wanders into cracks which I can’t get it out of. It stays down there for a while while I keep racking my head for something new to write. I don’t have a problem thinking up ideas to write, I just have a problem with physically getting it down.

Flushing the thoughts out of my head and describing them in the real world is what I’m doing. And it’s not an easy task. A thought will get stuck and I’ll rattle over it for a few hours. I’ll look to someone else’s writing to get that intellectual push back into my proper place. Without the inspiration I gather from other’s, I don’t think I would be able to keep on doing what I’m doing.

So quickly I lose my stride. So often I find myself wasting time. So dearly do I wish that I could stay concentrated. Alas, I find myself in the most best position I could be in. There are so many places that I could be right now, and I’m not. I’m here. Writing this down. Hoping that the thought I’m translating will provide me with a new route of personal salvation. Maybe it’ll be today.

Even if it isn’t that’s OK. I have many goals in mind now. Not like a year ago. I’ve come so far from where I was, even though I haven’t gone anywhere. I’m ready to take another step, hopefully this time I don’t forget to tie my shoes.

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