Get Over It: Sugar Is Toxic

I first got the idea to write about this issue after watching the documentary Sugar Coated on Netflix.

After about a month after I watched it, I dug a little bit deeper into the details in the film.

This video is a lecture was done by a well renowned scientist regarding the fructose.

Fructose and Ethanol is like CBD and THC. CBD is like if you were to smoke weed but not feel stoned. You would be getting all of the other effects, but not stoned. THC is what gets you stoned. In the same case, Ethanol will get you drunk and that’s noticeable. With fructose the same effects in your liver are happening, but your not drunk.

In this video he says that drinking a bottle of pop is the same as a bottle of beer. The only difference is that you’re not getting intoxicated. What he means is that both of them are bad for you.

If you haven’t seen the documentary or the video I shared… The war that people are having with sugar right now is an epidemic. Heart disease is the leading killer around the world.

Richard Nixon decided to stop something forever during his presidency. He started a campaign against the lack of food. His administration had the daunting task to make America into a country which produced and exported lot’s of food. Nixon’s goal to eliminate food shortages from the presidential issues had, sort-of, worked. Since the Nixon, miraculously, America became a powerhouse of food production. Not the traditional kind of food you’d think about though—America reinvented the sugar and fast food industries.

Also at the same time, in the 70’s, people started dying a lot. The only thing which seemed to link all of these different people was their diets. A lot of things became the culprit… calories. So then everything was low in calories. Then it was fat. So everything was low fat. Now it’s sugar with “No added sugar.”

Bottom-line: The diet we have been eating since FOOD has been COMMERCIALIZED, since we stopped eating a paleolithic diet—as in raw straight from the ground, not cooked with chemicals—has been slowly killing us. Anything that has fructose in it is literally poison to our bodies (but since there’s no ethanol to make us drunk we don’t notice it.)

An isolated example is Woodstock, in 1969, there was a massive food shortage during this time.


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