Escaping The Routine

I got to get away from the city for a few days. It was so nice. It was so peaceful to be away from all the sirens and other irritating noises. My sister drove out from the west coast and we went on a road trip to see mom.

Our stepdad was able to come out and stay a day with us too. This summer has been so great because I’ve been able to go to a couple festivals and travel to see family. Two things which haven’t happened much in the last decade. I haven’t seen my sister for almost two years and it has been that long since we were all together as well.

I saw my mom a couple months ago and we’ve went years without seeing each other before. I can’t make blame on why my family is so distant. Who knows? We’ve just been like that and yeah it sucks not seeing them everyday or whatever, but it’s how it is. 

My sister Michelle has always been a major inspiration to me. She’s so empathetic and kind. Through thick and thin she’s the most composed member of our family and by far the most educated. She has a master’s degree and has been in the Navy and was a paramedic too.

She walks dogs at the shelter when she’s bored in city and she volunteers with elephants and lions in Africa on vacation. She backpacked Central America and Europe—so yeah, I love her to death and she’s very accomplished already—I can’t help but look up to her and want to be more like her and learn all that I can from her. She mentioned how it’s ridiculous how different we are on so many levels. And she’s right.

It’s also ridiculous how our family is so spread apart.

I don’t suspect it’s ever going to change but lately we’ve been really coming together again, and that’s been nice. Without getting too sentimental about the family stuff, I wanted to write about this trip because it really just got me thinking about the benefits of having a good connection with your family. You can learn so much from the people who are closest to you—your folks and siblings—they’re the people who are always there for you and you take them for granted most of the time. That’s very important to remember when you’re taking on the world all by yourself.

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