Don’t Be Stupid

After reading this blog post you’ll be able to understand What is Stupid and What is Not.

The only definition I’ll give you myself is for the word Judgement because that’s the most crucial word in this whole post.

I could tell anyone any story and they could easily see the stupid side of it. on the other hand, it takes a really smart person to take the time to clearly understand what’s being provided to them and to allow the artist to really take control of their time and envelop them into their world.


1. an act or instance of judging.

2. the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion:
a man of sound judgment.

3. the demonstration or exercise of such ability or capacity:
The major was decorated for the judgment he showed under fire.

4. the forming of an opinion, estimate, notion, or conclusion, as from circumstances presented to the mind:
Our judgment as to the cause of his failure must rest on the evidence.

5. the opinion formed:
He regretted his hasty judgment.

6. Law. a judicial decision given by a judge or court.

7. a misfortune regarded as inflicted by divine sentence, as for sin.

The word JUDGEMENT is the literal Antonym of STUPIDITY.

I hope this better helps you understand what I’m trying to say later on and will not offend you in anyway that I really do think that you have to sit there and clearly read what I’m putting in front of you since that’s the reason you’re still reading.

I believe that this world does revolve around stupidity and judgement.

Either you decide to take time to do what is RIGHT or what is WRONG in YOUR life, or you will decide to envelop yourself in SOMEONE else’s life.

That’s basically all that is important in life. I’m not going to go as far to say that that is the answer to to great question- What is the Meaning of Life? No.

The answer to the great question will never be answered because NO ONE KNOWS.

If you do either of those things (live for yourself, or someone else) then that just makes you a human being.

And we are all humans.

None of us are different.

We’re all exactly the same in every single imaginable way.

Yet we are the most DESTRUCTIVE, TOXIC and DISTURBING species to ever exist.

I’m not a bad person though. I’m not trying to waste your time here.

I only want to help other humans understand what things mean and to help them cope with the realities which surround them.

I feel like a lot of people can’t get a grasp on reality and I don’t think that makes me a bad person for saying that.

I think that makes me a great person that I can actually realize there are people which need help understanding things.

I’m not afraid of any of these words.

I’m a great person. If you know me you have my back on that.

I only try to do what is best for me and yes I have made mistakes in the past but I’m always there for who’s REALLY important in my life in the times when they really need me there.

What’s wrong with me typing down such an apparently selfish sentence like I’m Great. Or I’m Beautiful, Awesome, Smart, Sexy, Cunning, Super Intelligent, etc….

Get over yourselves and your ego.

Try not to get offended by what I’m saying here because you know that you’re all of those things as well.

All those GOOD things.

That’s what you are. Other wise you wouldn’t even be reading this……

If you use your judgement you would know that I’m not trying to bullshit you here.

You got to be real in every moment in your life and that’s all I’m doing right now.

If we can’t see what’s GOOD and what’s BAD then why do any of us even try to communicate with others in the first place? Why are you even wasting your time on a guy like me?

If you can’t understand the difference between Stupidity or Judgement then why even type any of this down?

Why would you continue to read (or care) if you don’t like what I’m saying or don’t enjoy what I’m Schoolin’ You on?

So again, If you don’t understand what I’m saying to you then Please….Do not read any further because your ignorance will not be accepted.

I have come to the realization that I’m amazing.

I have just done the best thing that I could ever have done. I took the time out of my night to sit and listen to my friend. She really needed me to be there for her.

She just got dumped.

By the biggest loser in the world. He thought he could take advantage of her like that and as a friend I had to sit her down and really tell her What’s Up.

Gurl, you crazy. And we all fucking crazy in this world but what you have to do right now is sit there and realize that you’re fucking amazing, perfect and beautiful.

You gotta do it for you. And you have to stop letting these men take advantage of you. You are weak and they know that and they will exploit that if you let them.

Do exactly what you have to do in order to Get shit done.

But Don’t Go Crazy.

That’s basically what I had to tell her.

I had to say to her that You are Not Crazy. You are just a human that needs love and support from someone who cares about you. You have to be surrounded by the good people in order to live your life right.

She said thank-you by the end of it and seriously it was probably one of the best nights that I’ve ever had.

And her too. She finally realized what she has being doing wrong this whole time with all of these different men.

All I’m doing right now is sitting in my room typing really loudly on a keyboard, thinking in my head I maybe am a little crazy writing all of this down- but you know what,


I can do anything that I want to do and so can you.

There is no Denying it because you know that it is True.

You know that since you are able to do what your doing that means that you are made to do it.

You have a life. You have a family. You have your friends and maybe a job if your lucky.



Stop wasting your time on stupid shit and concentrate on what’s important in life.

If you are unable to do so then you are doing it all wrong.


You have to say what is on your mind.

Otherwise someone else will say it for you.

That’s real. That’s honest. I’m not tying to impress you by swearing or by empowering you or by threatening you.

I want to say out-loud, in the only way I can,

That believing in yourself and telling yourself you are awesome is not a bad thing. Thinking you are hot or good is not a bad thing.

It’s good to tell yourself that you are STRONG, PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL and GOOD.

Don’t try to allow anyone else to tell you that you aren’t those 4 things.

If you think for reason that you aren’t any of those things then you are STUPID.

Excerpt: Stupid people are the people who tell you that you can’t do any good for this world. They are the people that bring us all down. They tell us that we are WEAK, NOT PERFECT, UGLY and BAD.

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