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Nothing Is Permanent

Noticing Vortexes

Virtual Distractions

Losing Connections

Getting Back On Track

Thinking Realistically

Still Feeling Good

Escaping The Routine

Three Little Magpies

A Place For Ideas

What’s Blogging Anyway

Don’t Be Stupid

New Culture Of Dating

The Condition Of Writers Block

The Darkness

Day Dreaming

A Fallacious Reality

The American Prison System

Those Toxic People

What Is Suffering

Lost In Translation

Media Or Blogs

Mentality Of Society

Religion Or Law

Blame Your System Not Your Leader

Get Over It: Sugar Is Toxic

People Have To Take Back Control

How Many Generations

There Will Be Nothing

Excerpts by others

Chris Hedges: A Resurgence of Real Liberalism

Noam Chomsky: Fundamentalism

I Write To Either: Inspire Answers or Remember