Blame Your System Not Your Leader

Search for yourself and you’ll find out quick what kind of clusterfuck we’re all living in right now. I’m not saying there’s a simple solution for all of us or even an alternative figurehead to point the blame at for why the economy is so bad right now.

The Social Democrats (NDP) got elected in my home province less than a year ago and since the party took over the economy of has gotten worse and worse. It seems like they can’t save us from the recession. Rigs are still shutting down and the hiring market is still bleak and hardly recovering.

If they couldn’t save the Albertan’s from the economic recession, then the Liberals and Conservatives definitely will not either. Start looking at the bigger Global picture of economics! Government is only a localized sect of policy makers, they’re not the economy.

Source: Edmonton Journal

We’ve all been in an economic recession for over 8 years now. No one can spend like they could before 2008. WE ARE ALL IN DEBT.

But we live in a debt (credit) driven society, so what’s the problem? Why has the economy not getting healthier? Why are the innocent people; the workers, always left to be stressed out and broke with no real answers?

Let me sketch you one image to help you understand the bigger picture: Introduce all the fracking (on top of the Oil sands production, coal mines, Saudi Arabia, Valenzuela, Iraq, etc..) that’s been going on in Canada and the U.S.

This has only brought the SUPPLY of oil up and the DEMAND for it isn’t going up along with it… Those companies– which have now caused numerous earthquakes all over the prairies and have polluted everyone’s ground water, are probably the the one’s to blame for Why the Gas at the Pump is so god-damn cheap right now, But no one is really complaining about that.

Those companies though cannot be blamed entirely for what is going on in the global economy. They were just playing along with the rules doing what oil companies do; making dirty money however they could. That’s what our system is like, a quick buck for a few people and the rest of the population has to suffer with the consequences.

They did bring the supply of oil up and really– the economic system failed to distribute the materials to the right places.

This is Economics 101

If the supply goes up, but the demand doesn’t– The price goes down. Meaning all of the companies that invested Billions in oil extraction in the last few years are now going bankrupt because they can’t sell their product to anyone! There are oil-tankers that are Full of oil and they are sitting in harbors all around the world right now, not moving, not selling, not doing anything- stagnant. Stand-still.

Our economic system is to blame, OK? Not one particular player in the game. This is a systemic problem. That’s why you wont hear about this in the mass media. They like the broken system we have because it keeps them nice and rich. They don’t want us to blame the CORRUPT SYSTEM– they would rather we blame ourselves, or a politician, or a company, or a bank…

No other time in history have young people (like students) been so poor!! Look at all the student debt, car loans, bills, taxes, raising rent and no raise in real wages.
And to top it all of– Globalization has taken away many of the middle-class, working class jobs which most of us rely on for an income… Many people work part time hours instead of full time now, or have taken a substantial decrease in their income, like taking a job at Starbucks (when you have a masters degree.)

Do you think that people my age, or anyone for that matter, can keep up with the massive spending that was going on in the generations that were before us? Fuck no! How can we afford anything these days!! Prices go up up up, and no one (except top level executives) are getting raises!

Bottom line:

There are too many “middle-class” people without any money to spend and there are really wealthy corporations constantly producing a product for consumers that aren’t there. They are wasting money– and the people don’t even need the stuff!!

F.Y.I- The economic term for the phenomenon we’re in right now in 2016 is called Excess Capacity.

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