A Fallacious Reality

  1. based on a mistaken belief.
    “fallacious arguments”

I had to get out of the proverbial box and look at all of this from the outside looking in… That was the only way that I could understand any of this. I couldn’t notice it because I was just part of the crowd. Just another sheep in the herd. Another fly in a massive swarm of flies.

A fallacious reality condition was preventing me from seeing the real reality which was always there around me at all times, even though I couldn’t see it. Reality was still always there but the condition took the real in reality and drown it all out with the nonsense information and the socially accepted bigotry.

picasso-massacre-in-koreaA Picasso about the Korean War

With all my imagery aside: It felt like I was always inside of a thick cloud and I only saw white around me just like everyone else did. I was unaware of where I was: Unable to see, think or concentrate on anything clearly.

I was always being distracted tirelessly by obvious debilitating information and I needed to just stop paying attention to all of it for a while and find my mental center again. I had to remind myself of what I really cared about.

I have changed, if only slightly. I’ve taken the step-back that’s absolutely necessary to take notice of my real surroundings. Ive noticed that everyone constructs; unknowingly, a fallacious reality condition.

When you’re impaired; you’re only seeing what you like to see, exactly what you want to see. This simple fact makes it impossible for you to see anything that you don’t want to see. Can’t you notice that? You’ve essentially just created your own false reality for only you to live in.

You’ve become so stupid and ignorant when all that you see is your customized and personalized information that is just for your eyes only. You live in your imaginary world and you create a terrible burden which everyone else that’s around you has to deal with. Have we evolved into such complex beings- that we have our own technology intertwined into our own sociological consciousness?

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