The Same Thing Always Happens When Art Gets Too Risqué

3 thoughts on “The Same Thing Always Happens When Art Gets Too Risqué”

  1. I agree, art should push the limits. Lets talk about President Obama for a minute though.

    My understanding is that upon his election there were some staged fake lynchings in the south and Julius Ceasar was played by a character that appeared more than a bit Obama-like during his time in office, so while he may not have been artfully, fake decapitated he certainly was not treated with any more respect than if he had been. My point being that he didn’t react with childish tweets and nobody got hurt by the distasteful protests.

    I think the lynching (which was not intended as art) is far more offensive than a poorly thought out “art” piece; Julius Ceasar is about how killing J. was a mistake anyways, so ultimately that just seems like a pretty interesting commentary on the presidential position so I can’t say I get upset about that; and art that isn’t timeless and doesn’t gain public fascination will fade into oblivion slowly (although now because of the surrounding cofefe–I use this word to describe the insanity surrounding everything Trump–it may not fade fast enough).

    Also, don’t want to have to explain this to your kid? Don’t show it to them, but I for one believe in discussion. If you don’t think your kids ready for this discussion, cool, but eventually hard things need to be talked about.

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    1. Very interesting, I did not know any of that about Obama.

      It is very perplexing to see the contrast between these two Presidents and how people are reacting to “controversial” dissent when it has all been done before in the past. About the lynching and Julius Caesar, that has got my brain wondering many things right now. It’s crazy how there wasn’t outrage from the lynching, that’s either the underlying racism or just the failure of the left to react to the correct stuff… The rise of neoconservatism, or populism — whatever Trump is — seems to be the rise of Idiocracy in an age of chaos, but if we examine what happened 8 years ago, this sentiment has been around for a while. Now it’s just a new kind of normal behavior.

      I think kids should be exposed to more at a younger age… I don’t think hiding them away from protest, war, controversy, “bad words” and pornography until 18 years into their life is actually helping them out. Some kids are really smart and they can handle it. In part, this “protection” is what created a generation like mine which is constantly looking to expose injustice! It’s what has made me want to learn about those “taboos” even more…

      Don’t get me wrong — I’m not endorsing kids watching porn — they need to have time to be kids and not involved with that kind of “adult stuff” but they should not be locked away from the world that they’re soon going to be a part of in such a way that they’re unprepared for reality.

      Thank you for so much for sharing!

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      1. On the actions surrounding President Obama and the staged lynching: to be clear I think the reaction was entirely appropriate, or rather the non-reaction (although I did hear about it at the time but in more of a “stupid is as stupid does” way). I think giving people who would do that the time of day only gratifies them and gives their ideology momentum. A succinct report saying “Hey look, people did a stupid thing because they can’t find some productive way to express their feelings and overcome their narrow-mindedness”, would be good enough for me.

        As for Julius Ceaser, they did to Trump what they did previously to Obama, they used a figure who looked like someone else important to drive home a point and make an old play about a historical figure more relevant (much like the hit musical Hamilton uses hip-hop). The real difference lies in the fact that this time it seems people chose to ignore the overarching message of the medium: killing Ceasar was the wrong thing to do regardless of motives. By ignoring this someone might justify feeling outrage over a POTUS like figure being killed in a play.

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