What It’s Like To Be Different In A Normal World

5 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Be Different In A Normal World”

  1. Very well written piece. The persecution happening in Chechnya is horrifying. The world is moving in the wrong direction thanks to Trump. I thought we lived in an accepting country, but he seems to have ferreted out every racist homophobe misogynistic pig and put them in his cabinet. They’ve unleashed a lot of ugliness. I think most of them will be convicted of treason. When, and how they fill the positions remains to be seen.

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    1. Yes, what happens every day is so horrific and very sad. We are living in a very questionable time… Hillary would of at least been a motherly symbol in government and I think that would have helped a lot of Americans right now. Instead of a man like Trump who just doesn’t seem to care that he’s rallying everyone up about frivolous topics like our sexualities, races, religions and gun control. I really do try to stay optimistic that all of this will get better before it gets any worse. Thank you for sharing.

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