How Donald Trump Was Able To Win The White House

2 thoughts on “How Donald Trump Was Able To Win The White House”

  1. Astute commentary.

    Just some thoughts… if independent voters could vote in all state primaries, Bernie may have won. (Not many Americans knew of Sanders at first. By the time they understood what he was for, it was too late for many to change their party affiliation to Democrat, so they could vote in Dem Primary.) If the DNC and mainstream media had not colluded with the Clinton campaign, Bernie most likely would have won. (Frankly, in-house meddling causes me far more concern than Russian meddling.)

    My guess: For the 2020 presidential election, Bernie will again step up to the plate if no other strong Progressive will do so — probably as an Independent.

    Thank you for sharing your insights from Canada, our good neighbor to the North, and a wonderful country that is beloved around the world.


    1. I did not know that about Bernie already. Very good to know! I really hope we do see him again in 2020, he such an inspiration to me, not just because of his socialism… He was the only one talking about the real issues. Thank you so much for sharing.

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