Getting The Oil That Is Underneath LA

TS GLOBAL POPULATION RISES EXPONENTIALLY all around the world, more energy is needed badly and as more people move into dense urban areas, more movie-like solutions are needed in order to extract all the precious resources right out from underneath our feet. A VICE video has shown the debate between corporations and the people over easy profits and safety in Los Angeles is far from being over. At this time, the obvious winner is the profits.

How could you say otherwise when there are unmarked oil refineries operating literally feet away from elementary schools, day cares and playgrounds? That’s just a little bit too close for comfort. Tinsel Town, home to about 12 million people, has one of the largest oil reservoirs in the whole US, but unfortunately, it’s all under built-up areas.

Companies have found pretty ingenious ways to continue working in such highly populated areas. Most disturbing are how they put up facades around their rigs, to make them blend in with the surrounding neighborhood buildings. People are living right across the street from an oil rig and they don’t even know it.

Most people living there probably do know these days, at least they are slowly starting to find out, but these companies don’t advertise where exactly they operate to the public. The public can only find out the actual addresses and specific information pertaining to the drilling, through thorough investigation or if you were lucky enough to have been sent a link.

To top it all off leaks happen all the time. The pipes that transport all this oil are very unreliable and usually overworked. A lot of community groups in LA are getting together to fight against the corporations which operate within city limits covertly, to protect themselves and most importantly — their children. These corporations are possibly too powerful to stop… This video is about oil pipelines in the US and the amount of oil that ends up being spilled from them.

Leaks happen all the time and the pipes that are being used are decades old.

Living in an industrial-dependent world comes with its obvious perks. Sometimes though, it is difficult for people to understand exactly why large corporations have to operate in disguise, just to make these profits. If sucking out all of the available resources from the ground, underneath our largest cities is such a good, profitable thing, then why aren’t these facilities in made public? The next time that you walk by an office building — think twice — because things aren’t always what they appear to be.

Header credit: Google Maps

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