Syrian Diaspora: The refugee crisis

Photo credit: Telegraph

This is not just a European refugee crisis. It is not only in France that there is an influx of slum-like migrant camps that are full of refugees who await asylum in western nations. Because of the conflict that’s going on in Syria, many Syrians have made the journey through dozens of countries and over thousands of kilometers — on their way to places like the UK and Germany.

Source: NorthernJazz News

Places like Hungary, however, have made it even more difficult for the fleeing Syrians. They’re constructing a barbed-wire fence along their borders to prevent migrants from climbing over. This funnel effect just squeezes more and more people into countries like Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria.

Source: BBC

Since the Syrian civil war broke out in 2011, millions of Syrians have fled their country seeking refuge. Most Syrians are now in places like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

The unrest in Syria began within the context of Arab Spring protests, with nationwide protests against President Bashar al-Assad‘s government — which responded with violent crackdowns on the population.

The conflict gradually morphed from prominent protests to an armed rebellion after months of military sieges.

Syrians taking refuge in neighboring countries, 2015.
Source: Wikipedia

Jordan has a population of only 6.5 million and is hosting over 650,000 people.

That’s 10% refugee population in 4 years just because of this one crisis.

The Gulf States — Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar (though they have been supplying financial aid to Syria) have all turned their backs on the refugees, only allowing a selected few to cross into their borders.

Source: Business Insider

Syrians filed 103,708 asylum applications in 2015. Of those, more than 57,000 have already been accepted, so will most of the rest: The success rate among Syrians is 93.2 percent. This year, Germany will probably take in more Syrians than the U.S. refugee total [per annum], even though it has a population one-quarter the size. Besides, Germany has to house hundreds of thousands of asylum-seekers — more than 700,000 so far this year — and pay them a stipend of 143 euros ($152) for basic needs. –Bloombergview

Source: Telegraph

More Photography from inside Syrian Refugee Camps

Source: Telegraph

Germany has pledged to take in over 800,000 asylum seekers.

The US will take in 10,000. Canada will only take in 25,000 refugees…

What a joke!

These people are just like us and what they need the intellectual support of the international community foremost. We have the room… We have the money.

Why are we so xenophobic? Why are we so afraid of these people — these innocent people?

Our first-world problems are NOTHING compared to what these people are going through.

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