Israel Is An Apartheid On Holy Land

TY THE DEFINITION OF THE WORD, Israel/Palestine is technically an apartheid state. With its publicized ethnic cleansing of Arabs and its mass genocide of innocent people. However, the United Nations will never actually label what is happening there as ethnic cleansing or as a genocide. Why won’t this conflict ever end? The UN declares all the time that genocide is happening all over the world and they do nothing about it. Is the sovereignty of a nation more important than protecting innocent lives internationally?

The isolation of some African, Asian and Middle Eastern regimes could be an adequate excuse as to why the international community cannot stop the genocides from happening inside of those remote countries. How though, can this continue to happen in a place like Israel—like in Tel Aviv—a seemingly modern, progressive and wealthy democratic area?

apartheid: the policy of strict racial segregation and political and economic discrimination against non-whites practiced in the Republic of South Africa.

The reason is that the multinational organization (the UN)—which is supposed to protect people—gets almost a quarter of its funding from a country (the United States)—which is continuously supporting Israel exclusively. The US is the financier and the watchdog for the UN, so this war is a conflict of interest on the UN’s part.

A conflict of interest (COI): a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests, financial interest, or otherwise, one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation of the individual or organization.

This “international” organization has failed, time and time again to do what they are mandated to do. The Holy Crux is the Money that’s involved. According to this well-written blog, 22% of the funding for the UN comes from the United States. The real question to resolve this international humanitarian conflict is: will or can the UN ever punish the largest financial contributor?

The US is the apparent symbol of democracy, peace, and human rights—can they even be convicted of such an atrocity like genocide? What would that say about American Exceptionalism? Americans can seriously get away with anything these days. We’re living in a world of capitalism and what really matters in a Geopolitical world is the Money behind everything. Whether you’d like to believe that or not.

What everyone has to remember is that US government is always sponsoring Israeli military aggression and replenishing their ammunition to kill off the Palestinians. Palestinians don’t even have their own military force to protect themselves—that’s why there are groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, which get a lot of support from the locals who need help. Someone has got to protect them because the Israeli’s and the UN isn’t doing it.

The UN has support for the Palestinians after they’re bombed. After their homes are already destroyed, then they come in and offer assistance. This conflict has been going on endlessly since the “creation” of Israel in 1948. There have been a few periods of “peace” in the last 60 years but for the most part, it just never ends. By far, it’s the most ridiculous and heart-wrenching disaster occurring right now because of the basic fact of how long the Palestinians and Israelis have been emotionally and physically subjected to war-like conditions.


The death-toll from other conflicts definitely outnumber this disaster but a generational stigma indoctrinates all of the youth of Palestine into a realm of extremist attitudes and hyper-protectorate values. You can’t blame them! Palestinians don’t see anything else but violence and juvenile separatism from Israelis. This is another 20th century tradition that has trickled its way into the 21st. Two distinct groups of people are murdering each other, day after day, year after year, over the same plot of land. And well, that’s about it. It’s not about religion anymore. Once this was called “the Holy Land.”

You’d be hard pressed to call it that anymore. The mass media has seriously diluted all of the actual facts out of the news! The people in the West are subjected to the lies, fables, and false publicity created by individualist corporations. People in the west want to help but with all of the Pro-Israeli and Anti-Islamic sponsored propaganda(the mass media)- it’s so hard for anyone to get to the real facts and to wrap your head completely around all of them.

The Jews are so terrified that history is going to repeat itself. (Holocaust) The aggressive and paranoid Zionist behavior has resulted in actions which have made them look seriously hegemonic and down right selfish. There’s constant butting of settler nationalism which has evolved into an epic competition, fueled by hatred over “the Holy Land.”

Common Jews and Muslims are all wrapped up in something which isn’t even relevant or tolerable anymore. So many International Laws are being violated with no consequences and the wealthiest and most powerful Democracies are defending these horrific violations. Below, in red, shows the countries which do not acknowledge the State of Palestine, they therefor only support the State of Israel.

The people of Palestine and Israel are both obviously equally entitled to the land which they’re fighting for. Both of them, however, were both guaranteed all of the mandated land by the British while the area was still a British protectorate. Fighting began not thousands of years ago but about 60 years ago. A conundrum of deep-questions lead me to believe that: No one can answer how to stop this conflict.

Those being abused and attacked in this situation are being ignored by the “rest of us”(the international community) because we say we “aren’t even involved.” We’re all on this planet together and Israel’s government definitely has WMD’s by now and everyone else knows it. So, that means that everyone on the planet is involved in this sixty-plus-year war.

After decades of war, back and forth between the two. A resolution has to be found. Time and time again the Arabs are ignored by the West. Only Israel is supported and because of the war on terror, Arabs are being discriminated against while the Israeli’s are constantly crying out that they are the one’s being attacked for no reason. This conflict has to end. tnmlittle

Header credit: Flickr/Montecruz Foto

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